What we do

  • Provide daily programs of environmental education, particularly related to the urban environment, for groups of students of primary and secondary education that visit the Centre.
  • Support environmental education projects carried out in schools.
  • Produce educational material.
  • Coordinate the national Environmental Education network “Sustainable city”.
  • Train teachers through seminars and workshops in Education for Sustainability.
  • Promote research in the field of Environmental Education.
  • Organize workshops, meetings and events to promote environmental awareness and Education for Sustainability.
  • Cooperate with other institutions such as Local Authorities, educational and environmental organizations.

Our Environmental Education programs

  • Thessaloniki, sustainable city
  • Open spaces and the urban green
  • Active citizen in my neighbourhood (taking place in two different neighbourhoods of Thessaloniki; Depot and Eleftherio)
  • Farming in the city – Green in the city
  • Energy: from nature to society
  • The climate is changing. What about us?
  • Sustainable water management  (for secondary education students)
  • Water shortage in Waterland (for kindergarten and primary education pupils)
  • Rubbish in everyday life
  • Advertising and the environment
  • Consumerism and environment: Mobile phones in our lives
  • The forest of Vertiskos
  • The suburban forest of Thessaloniki
  • Thermal springs, spa tourism and environment
  • Two lakes, two stories
  • Subject of free choice

Our centre in numbers

  • An average number of 1500 pupils with their teachers attend our programs yearly
  • An average number of 2500 pupils with their teachers participate in our “Sustainable city” educational network yearly
  • An average number of 500 teachers participate in our training courses yearly
  • An average number of 4000 general public participate in our events yearly


Our organization is beneficiary of the Erasmus+ project ΚΑ104 / 2019-1-EL01-KA104-062067 titled “Enhancing Outdoor Education for Sustainability in the City”

The objectives of the project are: a) to improve and enrich the educational methodologies and activities of the EEC on outdoor education and education for urban sustainability, b) to enhance the qualifications of EEC educators in order to improve the quality of their teaching, the level of use of the English language and their skills in international partnerships and c) to develop extroversion and the European orientation of the EEC.

Mobility activities include

  1. Job shadowing at the Empúries Outdoor Education Center (Camp d’Aprenentatge d’Empúries) in Spain.
  2. Participation in structured courses, focusing on the use of cities as experiential learning fields and resources, and the exploration of eLearning  methods, innovations and technologies in order to create eLearning  content using the context of culture and heritage.